MMCC AGM new time and venue

An updated AGM agenda is below, please note the AGM will now take place at Glyn Parc and commence at 7pm.  Please can anyone wishing to be join the management committee please contact the secretary as soon as possible:




The Annual General Meeting of Miskin Manor Cricket Club will be held at

7pm on Thursday 17th October 2019, at MMCC Clubhouse, Glyn Park.

Please find agenda below.



  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • To approve the minutes of the 2018 AGM
  • Captains’ Reports
    • 1st XI
    • 2nd XI
    • 3rd XI
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Secretary’s Report
  • To appoint captains for season 2020:
    • First XI – Dan Hay (Prop. Adam Hembrow; Sec. Glenn Newberry)
    • Second XI – Adam Hembrow (Prop. Dan Hay; Sec. Paul Elks)
    • Third XI – Paul Elks (Prop. Glenn Newberry; Sec. Nick Ashby)
    • Midweek XI – no nomination
    • Sunday XI – no nomination
  • Election of Officers:
    • Chairman – Glenn Newberry (Prop Val Whiteley; Sec. Rob Wilkins)
    • Vice Chairman – Val Whiteley (Prop. Gabe Treharne; Sec. Nick Ashby)
    • Treasurer – Lianne Griffiths (Prop. Glenn Newberry; Sec. Adam Hembrow)
    • Secretary – Rob Wilkins (Prop. Steve Hopkins; Sec. Lianne Griffiths)
    • Fixture Secretary – Ashley James (Prop. Gabe Treharne; Sec. Nick Ashby)
    • Child Welfare Officer– Richard Crook (Prop. Adam Hembrow; Sec. Keith Davies)
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Election of the Management Committee
  • Changes to Constitution

The following change to the constitution has been proposed by the management committee:


Amend Clause 15 to refer to Club Welfare Officer to replace current reference to Child Welfare Officer.

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