Club Records

If any members, old or new, are able to assist with bringing this page up to date, please contact Haj.  We are looking for highest partnerships, individual and team scores in each team, best bowling, most catches and so on.  A cricketers thirst for stats in insatiable so dig out your record books!  Also looking to record every centurion and every 5 wicket haul so get your stats information in to Glenn or Haj.

Highest first XI league scores (centurions)

Garan Treharne 173 v Bridgend 1999

Garan Treharne 140 v Pentyrch 2006

Mike Bishop 133 v Penarth 1999

Bruan Treharne 131 v Abertillary

Garan Treharne 120 v Croesecylliog 1999

John Francis 120 v Hoovers

Garan Treharne 120 v Newport 2009

John Francis 120 v Brecon

Carl Whitely 111 v Radyr 2011

Garan Treharne 104 v Pontypridd 2008

Ben Edwards 103 no v Ebbw Vale 2010

Justin Thomas 110 v Hoovers 2010

John Francis 129 v Pontypridd 1998

John Francis 7 for 37 v Radyr      1998

Garan Treharne 143 v Barry       1998

Garan Treharne 129no v Radyr 1998

Gara Treharne 119 v Radyr 2000

John Francis 108 v Croesyceliog 2000

R Breitmeyer 115 no v Bridgend 2000

B Treharne 116 v Ebbw vale 2000

John Francis 138 v Hoovers 2004

Garan Treharne 108 v Ebbw vale 2004


Highest first XI season aggregate

633 Garan Treharne


Highest first XI partnership

T Robinson & G Treharne 216 v  Newport Fugitives 2009


Highest club scores

H A Jones 210 no v Barry


Highest club partnership

H A Jones & P James 316 v Barry


Best first XI league bowling

M Hill 7-35 v Hopkinstown

C Owen 6-15 v Malpas

J Francis 5 for 36 v Newbridge 1999

Huw Jones 5 for 25 v Ebbw Vale 1999

R Cogbill 5 for 34 v Penarth 1999

Huw Jones 5 for 28 v  Brecon 2008

J Edwards 6 for 44 v Creigau 2010

A Malik 6 for 48 v Croesyceliog 2005

M Najmi 5 for38 v Blackwood 2005

M Cockell 5 for63 v Blackwood 2004

R Cogbill 5 for 13 v Barry 1998

Clive Holmes 5 for 34 v Newport Fugitives 1998

J Francis 6 for 42 v Croesyceliog 2000

J Francis 6 for 16 v Newport Fugitives 2003

J Francis 5 for 52 v Radyr 2003

J Francis 7 for 76 v Croesyceliog  1998

Aled Jones 5 for 45 v Tondu  1998


Second XI Centurions

Nathan Robinson 154* v Newbridge

Craig Pritchard 148* v Newbridge

Craig Pritchard 130* v Ponthir

Justin Thomas 129 v Panteg

Craig Pritchard 128 v Usk

Carl Whiteley 122  v Ponthir

Craig Pritchard 115  v Sudbrook

Craig Pritchard 112* v Barry

Craig Pritchard 108  v Hoovers

Craig Pritchard 106 v Cardiff

Craig Pritchard 105* v Ponthir

Ali Najmi 104* v TBC

Ali Najmi 102* v Chepstow

Peter Hybart 101 v Pentyrch

Matthew Jones 101 v Hoovers


Third XI Centurions

Gethin Bale 110 – v Tondu 2010

Matthew Giles 104 – v Monkswood 2011


Third XI Bowling

Dan Burr 6-29 v Vale III 2011

Will Ryan 6-19 v Sully 2013

3 Responses

  1. Third Team: Dan Burr 6-29 Vale III, 2011. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Im sure I’ve had a sevenfer at treorchy haj. It was the game farmer palmer gave you not out and we could here the edge from the club house!!! Hope you are having a good season and will see you at some point during the johnny painter weekend.

  3. Haj,
    I would of thought 3 run outs in one afternoon might of got a mention in the fielding honours.. plus best catch (vrs Cardiff West Indies), as it came down with snow on it + i was still drunk!

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