Player Profiles

Player Profiles:

Alan Croft

Aled Wyn Jones

Alex Hickman

Andy Ringsell

Ashley Thomas

Ben Edwards

Carl Whiteley

Casey Hughes

Chris Owen

Daniel Burr

Daniel Hay

Dafydd Skelton

Gareth Bale

Gethin Bale

Glenn Newberry

Howard Phillips

Huw Jones

Ike Swinnerton-Hurford

James Cosgrove

John Francis

John Painter

Jonathan Edwards

Jospeh Vellam

Justin Thomas

Keiran Newberry

Lewys Ryan

Martin Hughes

Matthew Ayres

Matthew Giles

Matthew Jacka

Mike Cockell

Paul Elkes

Peter Hybart

Rhys Williams

Scott Meredith

Steve Doble

Steve Meaden

Thomas Robinson

Thomas Ryan

Tomas Llewellyn

Will Ryan

Please complete your form and hand them to me, or download the online form and email your responses to me.

Glenn (

Player Profile form

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