This season we have teamed up with CMS to launch a new range of Shrey kit which can now be purchased online direct from CMS by following this link

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  1. Hi Mel is this for juniors as well Daniel just joined he is 15 what do you suggest………….

    • Seniors and Under 15s net night is Wednesday so whichever one Daniel falls in to, it is worth coming along. We are trying to get sponsorhip for the Under 15s and Under 13s kit but that has not been confirmed as yet.

      • Thanks will wait to hear Dan has been a couple of times to the nets but is away at school in Clifton so attends when he can……….i take it then we wait to hear re kit and dont buy it ourselves>>>>>>>>>.

  2. Yes – if we are able to secure sponsorship for the Under 15s, we will also order a jersey for Daniel. Speaking of which, is he home this weekend (it being a Bank Holiday) as we potentially have a cup game on Bank Holiday Monday against Sudbrook?

  3. any chance on getting jumpers in?

  4. Ash- see the order form, there’s a sleeveless jumper available.

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